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What you have to know about metal gardening tools

 1. Keep clean

Gardening tools shall be used after daily work to clean up the used materials, remove dirt, debris, dry, place in a ventilated place, keep dry, and avoid rust.

2, protect the blade

The gardening tools with cutting edge part, special attention should be paid to protection, should be kept all the best oil, wrapped with wax paper. To avoid tilting overlap, to prevent compression bending deformation, the edge of the blade grinding should have special tools to ensure sharpening angle, and extend the service life.

3, safekeeping

The end of the work, long-term idle, should be cleaned, dry, metal surface coated with anti rust oil, put in place.

4, pay attention to rust prevention

The working parts of gardening tools are mostly made of metal materials, so special attention should be paid to rust prevention in use.

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Gardening tools

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