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When To Use Hedge Shears?

 There are only 3 scenarios where I had us hedge shears. Notice that in each these scenarios, hedge shears have been utilized to cut the delicate, non-woody stalks of crops.

Hedge shears absolutely can't cleanly or economically cut wood, even thin timber. Utilizing shears to do so not merely causes bad cuts into the plant but harm to the blades of the shears.

Keeping up a formal hedge. Shears are made to quickly allow you to inflict a geometric border on the delicate new growth of a plant (most classically, boxwood), cutting on a great deal at once in a direct line. The only time that you wish to do this into some plant is in proper hedging and topiary, in which stylized, artificial looks are wanted. For the great majority of shrubs, in which the aim of pruning is to create a controlled pragmatic look, the right lines created from hedge shears are entirely improper.

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Hedge Shears

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