You Need A Pruner
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You Need A Pruner

Generally cut flowers, pinch the top plastic, cut off the withered leaves, etc., were cut and almost every's time to go to the garden with a twig, east west look at the same time, I can see lots of flowers and dry with click. Pruners China are the most frequently used of all gardening tools. They are light, sharp, easy to maintain, easy to rust and easy to carry around.

Why trim the flowers?
Not only does it affect beauty, but also, when the flowers are withered, the seed will consume a lot of the plant's nutrients, and the flowers will be affected later. Therefore, unless specially planted, the remaining flowers should be cut off in time.
Why do you want to trim the leaves?
Increase the ventilation and light of plants, and it is more likely to cause diseases and insect pests to keep the lost leaves.
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Pruners China

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