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Hand Trolley

Hand Trolley Manufacturer

GarDepot is a hand trolley manufacturer from China, offering 25+ models of hand trolleys for retailer customers to choose from. Hand trolleys are the ideal tool in the garden when large or heavy items need to be transported, such as large bags of fertilizer or soil. 

Our wide range of garden trolley products are cost-effective and all support customization to meet the needs of many gardening jobs. If interested, feel free to contact us.

E-mail: info@gardepot.com

What are Hand Trolleys Used for?

Trolleys are often used to move heavy or bulky goods over short distances and are a common and practical means of transportation. Trolleys are used in moving, warehouse management, logistics, and they are useful in global transportation and many other industries.

In the home and garden, trolleys can also be useful. Moving furniture between rooms, organizing the basement or attic, carrying miscellaneous items or tools in the garden, hand trolleys can make these tasks much easier.

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