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G05507 Garden Hose Pipe Reel Hose Reel

G05507 Garden Hose Pipe Reel Hose Reel

Item No.: G05507

Material: PP and Steel

Size: 1/2"(13mm)Hose-60m


Color: Orange and Black, or customized

Packing: Color Box, or customized

OEM/ODM: Acceptable


Simple and generous style, welcomed by the market.

The main body is designed in black and decorated with orange to make the product full of vitality and suitable for use in the garden.

Can store 2 common specifications of tubes: 1/2”x60m and 3/8”x50m.

When winding the hose, how to prevent the hose from kinking?

To avoid hose kinking, it will delay you more time. Please pull along the road or the edge of the lawn, and then pull the hose into the hose reel a little bit. The hose is stored in this form, which will be more durable and maintain the elasticity and quality of the hose.

However, please note that the hose can be stored in this way instead of being wound and placed on a hose reel.