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  • Garden lawn rake with wooden handle

Garden lawn rake with wooden handle

Item No.: G04430

Material: PP & wood           

Size: 1500mm

Color: Customizable 

Packing: Woven bag   

OEM/ODM: Acceptable





Handle   Material


Teeth   Height


Teeth Width






Handle   Length


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Garden lawn rake with wooden handle

Garden lawn rake with wooden handle

What are our Long Handle Rakes advantages?

1. The non-slip handle is not easy to slip off when in use, and it is reliable on the wall when not in use, which is convenient for cleaning.

2. The rake head is made of PP material, non-toxic, tasteless and low density, light, and easy to carry.

3. Good chemical performance, non-absorbent, and can deal with weeds and fallen leaves in swimming pool/pond water.

4. Good electrical insulation, and will not hurt users due to leakage.

5. The product has lightweight and is specially designed to help you clean up the fallen leaves and debris around the lawn or house. A good helper for your yard, garden, farm, and anywhere.

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Q: Is the rake fixed or adjustable? What is the distance between the rake teeth?

A: It is not adjustable, the tooth pitch is 24mm (1/4 inch). It is very light and strong and can rake out all kinds of fallen leaves on the lawn. It is highly recommended.

Q: Do you accept OEM projects:

A: Accept, we have our own factory and can customize products for you.

Q: How to control the quality of the rake?

A: We have a good quality team and quality system: each step of the inspection is controlled by a dedicated person.

Q: Do your products meet environmental protection standards?

A: Absolutely.

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