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Garden Leaf  Rake Carbon Steel 22Teeth- Round wire

Garden Leaf Rake Carbon Steel 22Teeth- Round wire

Item No.: G04405

Material: 45#Carbon steel/A3 steel wire  






Round Wire Leaf Rake

The rake is the perfect tool for removing fallen leaves and decaying organic matter on the surface of the lawn. The elongated arrow is also ideal for combing moss to prevent the growth of suffocating thatch.

Regularly removing the debris on the surface, it helps oxygen penetrate into the roots of herbaceous plants and provides the best growth opportunities for your grass.

For best results, fertilize and sow after raking so that you will have a dense, beautiful lawn with more vigorous growth-almost no weeds and moss.

This product does not have a handle, you can choose the handle of your hand. Of course, we also have a rake with a handle that you can choose by yourself.

Our round leaf rake is made of Carbon steel round wire for lasting use.

22 Teeth design, dense enough to clean the weeds and leaves.

Help you to clean leaves and debris from your lawn or any outdoor area around the house.

Suitable for gardens, farms, yards, and other places.

A great gift for your friend and family.

Round Wire Leaf Rake Benefit:

1. Provide space, light, and air for your herbs to thrive.

2. The fine teeth of the rake make it very suitable for grooming moss on the lawn.

3. Make sure the lawn is plumper.

4. Ergonomic design-you can install the handle to adjust the length.

5. Makes combing moss a breeze.

6. Easy to store.

7. A must-have for every landscape lover's toolkit.


1. Remove leaves and moss

2. Renew the lawn

3. It can be used all year round and the best effect is in March and April, September and October.

4. After raking, fertilizing can make your lawn quickly recover

5. Reseed where the moss killed the grass to make the lawn grow

6. Create an amazing and beautiful lawn