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  • Flamingo Watering Can

Flamingo Watering Can

Item No.: G05606

Material: PE

Size: 1.5L

Color: Pink or customizable color

Packing: plastic film, or customized package

OEM/ODM: acceptable


Start watering the plants in your garden.

 This pink flamingo watering can can complete all kinds of heavy work of watering garden plants. Why would you choose a boring color and a boring watering can? This special garden gift may not be suitable for every garden. However, you know that some people like to catch this happy animal every day. When you have a beautiful garden, you naturally hope that the plants here will become more prosperous, more beautiful, and elegant. When you notice this watering can every day, you will naturally not forget that you need to water the plants. If you know someone who has a beautiful garden and wants to give him a unique gift, then this watering can is a garden gift worth considering. Not only adults but children will also like this beautiful garden gift.


1. Bright pink

2. Sturdy and durable

3. Interesting design

4. PE Material, No rusty troubles.

5. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

6. 1.5L capacity, The light watering can can be carried by children.

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Flamingo watering can as a gift:

Do you know a gardener who has a beautiful garden? You may have noticed that the garden needs water from time to time. From now on, this watering can can do this efficiently and perfectly. You won’t see this garden gift every day. Flamingos are animals that live in water, where they eat and even sleep. They do that on one leg to save energy and stay warm. As you can see, they are very smart animals, just like this convenient watering can. Even buying it to decorate your garden will make you happy.

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