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  • Plastic Watering Can Sprinkler Head

Plastic Watering Can Sprinkler Head

Item No.: G05601

Material: PE

Size: 5L/10L

Color: green, or customizable color

Packing: plastic film, or customized package

OEM/ODM: acceptable


Simple and colorful solution for daily gardening maintenance. Our two-gallon watering can is equipped with a detachable spray head, suitable for watering any large/small area of plants. With a durable plastic structure and easy-to-fill top opening, it is very suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


The design of the large water inlet with cover makes it easy to add water, and it is not easy to leak water to wet the floor. The ergonomic double-handle design provides a comfortable grip and reduces hand fatigue during watering.

Detachable long-necked watering can design, unique slender nozzle, high-precision control of water flow, can deliver water to the roots of plants every time.

The plastic watering can is made of PE material, which is safe, odorless, reusable, and not easily deformed after long-term use. Unlike metal watering cans, plastic watering cans are not easy to rust and are strong and durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear.

The detachable sprinkler is easy to disassemble and assemble, which is convenient for your use. The plant sprinkler has two capacities of 5L (1.32gallon) and 10L (2.64gallon) water. The detachable sprinkler allows you to switch between two modes at will to meet your daily watering needs. Demand, very suitable for homes, offices, gardens, lawns, hotels, etc.

Different Sprinkers

Easy to pour: The watering can can hold quite a bit of water. The water outlet is long, the water outlet is convenient, and the water will not drip. In addition, the hole on the top allows you to mix fertilizer easily.

Long Neck Plastic Watering Can

Beautiful colors and designs: Warm colors make the appearance more delicate and lovely. Garden watering cans are also one of its advantages, which can be displayed on shelves or cabinets, which is very attractive.

Three Color and beautiful design






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Long Neck Watering Can



Country of Manufacture



Blue/green, accept color customization


Plastic Film, customized package

We accept all types of customization not limited to color/shape/logo. If you need it, please contact our online customer service, or you can send us an email.