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48 Inch Bow Saw Frame with Foldabe Saw Set

48 Inch Bow Saw Frame with Foldabe Saw Set

Item No.: G01204

Model Number: G01204

Material:Steel frame,TPR grip,65Mn steel blade

Size/Spec: 18"/21"/24"/30"/36"


OEM/ODM: Acceptable


48 Inch Bow Saw

This is the perfect 48-inch bow saw to meet your carpentry needs or cutting small trees and logs. Due to the pulse hardening, the sawtooth can jag off the wood effortlessly. Put in less work and still get the desired result. If there is one tool that must always be manufactured to strict standards, it is our bow saw. The frame of this hack saw is made of tubular steel, which provides a reliable handle and strong blade support to reduce the risk of accidents. When your hack saw is not in use, the saw is also equipped with a bow saw blade guard. Keep serrations covered during storage to reduce the possibility of injury. It also prevents other objects from rubbing the saw teeth, helping them to stay sharp and efficient. 

For lawn and garden and general yard word, we have a full range of high-quality professional and DIY tools, carefully crafted and tested to meet any gardening needs. Our garden tools provide a combination of quality and retail price, providing retailers, wholesalers and homeowners with perfect value. If you need a 36-inch bow saw or other types of bow saws, please also contact us.