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  • Heavy Duty Wood Bow Saw

Heavy Duty Wood Bow Saw

Item No.: G01208

Model Number: G01208

Material:Steel frame,TPR grip,65Mn steel blade

Size/Spec: 18"/21"/24"/30"/36"


OEM/ODM: Acceptable


DURABLE STEEL FRAME: If there is one tool that must always be made with exacting standards, it’s a saw. This bow saw features a frame constructed out of tubular steel, providing a reliable handle as well as a strong hold on the blade to reduce risk of accidents.

STAY SAFE AND PROTECTED: This saw also comes with a blade guard for when your bow saw is not in use. Keep the teeth covered during storage to decrease the possibility of injury. It also keeps other objects from rubbing against the teeth, helping them stay sharp and efficient.

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What is a wood bow saw?

A wood bow saw is a handheld saw used for pruning small to medium-sized branches or cutting down trees. Bow saws usually function when the size of the branch has exceeded the capacity of the pruners and shears.

This tool is called a bow saw because it has a bowed handle fixed to the ends of the saw blade. If you hold a bow saw sideways, it resembles a bow and arrow.

Bow Saw Benefits

-Lightweight and easy to carry

If you're going camping, you can easily load up a bow saw to cut firewood. Not only can many bow saws be folded up for storage and transport, but they can be used in public places without a lot of noise disturbance.

-Easy to maintain

Bow saws are relatively easy to maintain. You just need to keep them clean, keep them dry, and oil them.

-Suitable for a wide range of cutting tasks

Bow saws come in handy for maintaining your landscape. Cut dead shrubs, trim trees, and everything in between. In addition to being a great landscaping tool, the bow saw is also a great camping tool - cutting small firewood and clearing areas for campsites are all within the bow saw's capabilities.