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Professional Bow Saw

Professional Bow Saw

Item No.: G01223

Model Number: G01223

Material: Steel frame, TPR grip, 65Mn steel blade

Size/Spec: 18"/21"/24"/30"/36"

Packing: Customized

OEM/ODM: Acceptable


Professional Bow Saw for Wholesale

A high quality professional bow saw is essential for any woodworking project or repair. That's why we always recommend garden supply retailers to have this tool on their shelves. As a gardening tool manufacturer with 14 years of experience, Gardepot offers wholesale professional bow saws to customers worldwide.

The Professional Bow Saw is a versatile tool for cutting thick logs, trees and various types of wood, as well as clearing and pruning shrubs. Our this wholesale bow saw has a steel frame to ensure excellent strength and durability. TPR non-slip handle is easy to grip and more comfortable to use. 65 Mn blade delivers fast and clean cuts.

Besides, the professional bow saw is lightweight and small enough to be used as a portable bow saw. It provides all the convenience, control and simplicity needed to perform a variety of outdoor tasks.

Professional Bow Saw Product Features:

-Suitable for softwoods, ideal for logs and large branches, can be used with one hand

-Ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip; high-strength blade saws efficiently and cuts cleanly

-Replaceable blades for long product life

Choosing the Best Professional Bow Saw

The bow saw is designed to have a straight sharp tooth inside a curved metal frame to maintain tension. Gardeners, carpenters/woodworkers and craftsmen use this tool, and some DIYers or outdoor lovers also use it very often.

This low-maintenance garden tool is easy to use, simple in design, durable, and portable. When choosing a professional bow saw, there are several key factors to consider.

1.Blade Length – Bow saws are available in a variety of blade lengths, typically ranging from 12" to 36". The length of the blade determines the size of the wood the saw can handle. Shorter blades are good for small, quick cuts such as removing dry branches or pruning small green plants. 30-inch and larger bow saws are more commonly used for cutting larger logs.

2.Frame Material – The frame material determines the strength and durability of the bow saw. There are usually two options for steel and aluminum frames. Steel frames tend to have a longer life span, but aluminum frames are less costly. Quality and price are also among the top concerns of customers.

3.Portability – Although portability is not a necessity, a good professional bow saw often has this feature as well. Lighter weight and smaller size are the keys to portable use. And a lighter bow saw is also easier to handle.

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