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  • 52CC Professional Brush cutter

52CC Professional Brush cutter

Item No.: G07202

Material: Metal&Plastic

Size: General

Color: Red&Black

Packing: Color box 

OEM/ODM: Acceptable



G07202 is a sturdy and durable professional high-grade petrol brush cutter, designed for heavy-duty agriculture and gardening. It is an ideal choice for maintaining large and small areas, pruning rough brushes, trimming grass and weeds around trees, and keeping the garden tidy.

The G07202 is sturdy and powerful, powered by a two-stroke 52CC gasoline engine. The trimmer head provides the precision required to achieve a neat finish on the edges and borders, and the heavy-duty clutch and torque bevel gear parallel to the ground can improve cutting performance and can also be used to cut larger and longer grass. At the same time, our blades provide a very effective cutting option when faced with dense nettles, thistles, and other hardy weeds. Of course, if you need it, you can look at other brush cutters.

Advantages of 52CC brush cutter:

The equipment is easy to use and maintain. Easy to start, and the ergonomic two-handed handle allows you to fully control the device.

This product is very suitable for trimming lawn edges and uneven terrain that traditional lawnmowers cannot handle. It can even handle long grasses, weeds, and shrubs well.


Engine Type2-stroke,single-cylinder, Air-cooled
CarburetorDiaphragm typeFloat type
Rated Output Power1.45Kw1.5Kw
Fuel Mixture ratio25(90#gasoline):1(two-cycle   oil)
Working Pole28/26mm(diameter)*1.5mm(thickness)*1500mm(length)
Handle Pole19mm(diameter)*1.2mm(thickness)
Net Weight8.8kg8.6kg
The volume of Fuel Tank1200ml

Be careful:

1、Avoid running the engine indoors. Exhaust gases contain harmful carbon monoxide.

2、Never use your machine under circumstances like those described below:

 a.When the ground is slippery or when other conditions exist which might make it difficult to maintain a steady posture.

 b.At any other times when your field of vision might be limited.

 c. During rain or lightning storms, in gale-force winds. 

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Professional Brush cutter