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71CC Earth Auger Gasoline Earth Auger Drill

71CC Earth Auger Gasoline Earth Auger Drill

Item No.: G07403

Product Name: 71CC Earth Auger

Material: Metal&Plastic

Size: General

Color: Black

Packing: Color box 

OEM/ODM: Acceptable


Item No:


Brand Name:


Place of Origin:







 Color box 

Customized support:


Power Source:



Metal & ABS



Output power:


Fuel Tank Capacity:




Drill Length:


Fuel/Oil mixture ratio:


Drilling Speed:


Drill Diameter:




Gear reduction ratio:


Engine Carton Measure:


Using application:

1. Tobacco planting and digging holes;

2. Fertilize and topdress the orchard to make your orchard denser;

3. Transplanting garden seedlings to beautify your garden;

4. Agricultural crops are cultivated and planted by digging holes and digging holes to prepare for emergencies, and always prepare fresh vegetables for you;

5. Other small-diameter wooden piles dig pits and drill holes, etc., to build a fence for your garden to prevent the dogs next door from coming and making trouble. 

use the earth auger to dig

Advantages of earth auger

1. The earth auger is an ideal machine for contemporary woodland tree planting, desert greening, fence engineering, road engineering management, landscape garden management, and protection, vineyard construction, telephone pole erection, etc. Sinotools Garden Earth Auger is composed of a small general-purpose gasoline engine, an overrunning clutch, a high reduction ratio transmission box, and a specially designed drilling tool. Especially the double-blade welded drill rods this time have enhanced the digging effect and the excavation rate is high. Each post hole auger is equipped with a special customized drill bit size to help you better complete the garden cultivation design.

2. The earth auger has the characteristics of small size, lightweight, convenient operation, simple maintenance, low fuel consumption, low noise, easy start-up, high success efficiency, low operating cost, and low price. This earth auger has a novel, flexible and reasonable design, stable and reliable performance, good working effect, and high efficiency, and is deeply loved by users.

3. In garden cultivation, the soil conditions of each household are different. We have equipped you with different soil auger sizes. Of course, we can also customize the size of the drill bits exclusively for you to meet your various needs. The efficiency of using earth augers is dozens of times that of manpower, and the operation is no less than 80 pits per hour. Calculated on the basis of eight hours of work, 640 pits can be dug, which is more than 30 times that of manpower.

Earth Auger bits

4. Since this product is a two-stroke engine without an oil pan, the crankcase is used for engine air intake. The lubrication of the piston, cylinder inner wall, and the crankshaft is achieved by mixing a small part of the oil in the suction cylinder. With this lubrication method, the engine oil must enter the combustion chamber to participate in combustion, so the engine will emit blue smoke, and the exhaust blue smoke depends on the ratio of the mixed oil (the fuel/oil mixture ratio of this product is 25:1). When our users notice blue smoke, please don't worry, this is normal.

Start-up method and simple maintenance:

1. Install the Earth auger bit when the power is not connected.

2. When the fuel is mixed, mix according to the ratio of 25:1, and then add it to the fuel tank.

3. Clean up the dust on the whole machine after work. Please empty the fuel tank and the fuel inside the carburetor if it is not used for a long time.

4. Fill the gearbox with butter grease every 20 hours of work, and perform maintenance and repair on the whole machine every 100 hours of work to clean up carbon deposits in the spark plug.


1 The drill bit has strict size restrictions, and it is strictly forbidden to modify or use an enlarged drill bit without permission.

2 The new Sinotools electric earth auger cannot be used at high speed, please run it at low speed for 3 hours. It is strictly forbidden to stop suddenly at high speed, otherwise, it will be difficult to start next time.

3 If you encounter problems that cannot be solved by yourself, please do not disassemble or assemble by yourself. If the machine feels abnormal vibration, please stop immediately and check for damage, looseness, or eccentricity.

Personal safetyIt is strictly forbidden to add gasoline indoors to prevent fire; when the machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to approach the drill with hands and feet; the machine must be shut down when cleaning or inspecting the machine.

Machine safety: The debris on the lawn must be cleaned up before the ground drill starts to ensure the safe operation of the machine.