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Electric Pruning Shear

Electric Garden Shear Wholesale

Looking for Electric Garden Scissors? Electric garden shears are versatile and suitable for a variety of general purposes. Ideal for cutting wood, grafting and trimming, gardening, home improvement, plant building. This electric original is the perfect tool for pruning and trimming small branches!

A powerful Electric Garden Shear that won't tire you out: the new cordless pruning shears cut branches with ease. The individually adjustable blade openings accommodate branches of different sizes, saving time and energy. Thanks to the tool's ergonomic battery carrying system, it can be used for 3-4 hours, which is why we are the ideal partner for professional garden users. Whether your work is designing pruning and tree care for gardens, parks, planted orchards or nurseries, one thing is certain: we can always provide you with strong build results for your clients.

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