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Folding Saws

Wholesale Folding Saws

After decades of technological innovation and modern human engineering progress, Gardepot has always produced folding saws with high precision, comfort and cutting faster speed. The folded saw has the advantages of small size, foldable, safer, light, carrying safety. Our folding saw is very in line with ergonomics, each of which is specially treated to ensure accurate cutting wood. From small 5.9'' Blades to 11.8'' Blades, there is always a suitable for you.

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A folding saw is a tool with sharp teeth like a saw, used to cut wood. Pruning saws are used for pruning shrubs and trees. There are many types of folding saws, each designed for a specific type of branch or tree trunk. All types of pruning saws should have hardened teeth that are heat treated, but differ in size and shape.
This tool is used for cutting larger shrubs and smaller branches. This is a good rule of thumb if you are considering when you can use this tool. If the branch or trunk you are cutting is less than 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) in diameter, consider using a hand pruner. If the wood is going to be much thicker, a razor saw is recommended.

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