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  • Black EVA foam working knee pads

Black EVA foam working knee pads

Item No.: G08222

Material: EVA

Size: 24x15x2cm

Color: Black

Packing: Hanging bag with header card, can be customized

OEM/ODM: Acceptable


The importance of knee protection:

It’s easy to say that gardening knee pads will protect the knee, it’s important to know what may develop if you don’t provide your knees with a little extra protective love. This is especially the case if you’re relatively young and free from knee issues, as it may prevent you from thinking your knees are made from Teflon.

To that end, a set of knee pads will add longevity to your knees. If your knees are indeed in good shape, taking precautions and slipping an extra measure of padding onto them will serve you well down the road. This can ultimately make it easier for you to keep the flames of your gardening love affair flickering brightly.

Knee pads will also go a long way into preventing certain kinds of knee ailments. These issues that will extend way beyond the realm of merely having sore knees.