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Garden Tool Set

Wholesale Cheap Garden Tool Sets

Looking for wholesale cheap garden tool sets? Then you have come to the right place. As a leading manufacturer of garden tool kits in China, GarDepot has been committed to providing the best service with the best quality products to our retailer customers all over the world.

The garden tool kit includes all the commonly used small gardening tools such as small trowels, rakes, forks, etc. Our garden tool sets are available in different sizes, from 3-piece to 8-piece sets, supporting any combination of tools. OEM&ODM available, retailers can customize their own brand logo, as well as gift packaging.

If you have any interest or need, feel free to send us an inquiry. Our professional sales team will provide you with our latest catalog and free quotation!

Email: info@gardepot.com

You can find any garden hand tools you want on our website. They are made of carbon steel and will provide years of high quality use. There are wooden handles and TPR handles to prevent them from coming loose while planting.

Benefits of Cheap Garden Tool Set

1. Friendly to beginners. Garden tool sets usually contain all the basic garden tools, perfect for the novice gardener who doesn't know where to start preparing. This saves the time of picking out various tools.

2. More cost-effective. A cheap garden tool set will be more cost effective than buying each tool individually, while also covering most basic gardening needs.

3. Convenience. Garden tool sets can be all the common tools in one place, gardeners use more convenient to find what they need.

4. Good gift idea. Now there are many cheap garden tool sets designed as gifts. They are both practical and thoughtful, and are perfect for giving to fellow gardeners.

Choosing Garden Tool Set

1. Choose according to gardening needs. The size of the garden, the type of plants, the work that needs to be done, these are all factors that need to be considered when choosing a garden tool set. Because our cheap garden tool sets come in a variety of sizes, different products should be chosen for different gardening needs.

2. Choose according to the material. Sturdiness and durability are universal criteria. Our cheap garden sets are made of high quality materials, such as stainless steel and carbon steel. They can withstand wear and tear and have a long service life.

3. Choose according to the storage method. For gardeners who have small gardens, smaller sets are more suitable. Garden tool sets in suitcases or bags are easy to carry and can be used in larger gardens.


1. Q: What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

    A: It varies depending on the product, normally ranging from 500-2000 pcs.

2. Q: What is the unit price?

    A: The price depends on the order quantity and product quality. You can send us an inquiry to get a quote.

3. Q: Can I customize my logo/label/package?

    A: Yes, we offer all kinds of custom services.

4. Q: What is the lead time?

    A: Normally 45-90 days.

5. Q: Do you offer samples?

    A: Yes, we do.

6. Q: Do you have more clear pictures of the products?

    A: Yes, we do, please send email to us to get more information. Or you can send us your pictures for our reference, we will send you the quotes accordingly. Our email is info@gardepot.com.

7. Q: Can I get your latest catalogue?

    A: Catalogue is available, please contact us to get it, our email is info@gardepot.com.

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