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Grass Shears

Grass Shears Manufacturer

As a grass shears manufacturer in China, GarDepot provides high quality wholesale grass shears. With 15 years of manufacturing and exporting experience, our wholesale grass shears have won the trust of customers worldwide from production, inspection to shipping.

As a basic garden tool, hand grass shears are easy to use and cheap. And our products can bring unparalleled cost performance, allowing customers to maintain an advantage in both quality and cost. Bulk orders are exported directly from the factory to ensure delivery in the shortest possible time.

We also accept brand OEM customization. Just send us an inquiry and get a free quote! 


Our wholesale grass shears are modern, high quality and easy to operate. Selected carbon steel raw materials, blade anti-rust treatment, long service life. Rubber handle is non-slip and comfortable, easy to grip and control, not easy to use fatigue.

With excellent shear force and light weight, our wholesale grass shears are suitable for a variety of landscape shaping and are ideal for edging and trimming flower beds, trees and sidewalk decorative lawns.

Types of Hand Grass Shears

There are three standard types of hand grass shears: edging shears, topping shears and swivel blade shears.

-Edging shears are used to mow the edges of roads or other areas to give the lawn a clean and neat look.

-Topping shears have horizontal blades, similar to scissors. These hand grass shears are used to trim the grass to a uniform height and achieve a flush finish. Although mowers can also do this job, hand grass shears are more accurate.

-Swivel blades are the most versatile style, capable of being used as edging or topping shears at a variety of adjustable angles for versatility.

What Makes Our Hand Grass Shears Good?

First of all, the blades made of carbon steel are strong and sharp. The Teflon coating protects the blades from rusting, extending the life of the hand grass shears. Therefore, clean and fast cutting and longevity are the advantages of our hand grass shears.

In addition to that, the grass shears have spring loaded handles that allow for easy cutting action. Also the grip has a soft coating for a comfortable grip and less fatigue.

Benefits of Grass Shears

1.Versatility - These tools are not only great for trimming lawns, but they're also ideal for cutting fine branches or stems of plants and shrubs.

2.Easy to Use - Grass shears are simple to operate, require minimal maintenance, and can even be a relaxing activity.

3.Accessibility - Grass shears allow you to reach even the tightest spots, so your lawn can look its best, no matter where the grass grows.

4.Cost-effective - Grass shears are an inexpensive solution for keeping your lawn in top shape, and you don't have to sacrifice quality for affordability.

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