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Grass Shears

Wholesale Grass Shears

As a leading garden tool brand in China, GarDepot offers high quality wholesale grass shears. We have advanced professional production technology, and experienced production and sales team.

With 15 years of manufacturing and exporting experience, our wholesale grass shears have earned the trust of our global customers from manufacturing, inspection to shipping. If you are a garden tools retailer looking for cost-effective grass shears, welcome to send us your inquiry!

Our wholesale grass shears are modern, high quality and easy to operate. Selected carbon steel raw materials, blade anti-rust treatment, long service life. Rubber handle is non-slip and comfortable, easy to grip and control, not easy to use fatigue.

With excellent shear force and light weight, our wholesale grass shears are suitable for a variety of landscape shaping and are ideal for edging and trimming flower beds, trees and sidewalk decorative lawns.

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