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Metal cutting hand saw

Metal cutting hand saw

Item No.: G01403

Model Number:G01403

Material: 50#/65Mn/SK5

Size/Spec: 12"/14"/16"/18"/20"/22"/24"


OEM/ODM: Acceptable


【A】High-frequency quenching 60 manganese steel, high-hardness three-sided saw tooth. Cutting fast without card saw, cut surface flat

【B】The handle has 45 degrees and 90 degrees auxiliary function, which can directly draw straight lines of 45 degrees and 90 degrees. There is a hanging hole in the front section of the hand saw for convenient 

         hanging storage and portable

【C】Chip flute design: Professional grade hand saw with flute to prevent wood chips from blocking the saw slot. Woodworking saw with serrated protective cover, can effectively prevent accidental injury, safety                     protection, convenient storage

【D】Industrial grade non-slip aluminum alloy double-color handle: new upgraded aluminum alloy connecting handle, durable and durable; ergonomic TPP plastic handle, comfortable grip, non-slip wear

【E】Wide range of uses: suitable for the furniture industry, woodworking DIY, fruit tree trimming, bamboo harvesting, PVC cutting and more