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V Shape Garden Hoe With Wooden Handle

V Shape Garden Hoe With Wooden Handle

Item No.: G04303

Material: Metal&Wood

Size: General

Color: Black or customized

Packing: Color label or customized

OEM/ODM: Acceptable


V-shaped Garden Hoe

V-shaped blade - cuts easily, weeds efficiently, and doesn't harm plant roots or stems, saving half the time of hand weeding.

Wooden handle - long handle allows the user to complete the work without excessive bending, reducing fatigue. High quality wood with corrosion resistant surface for longer life.

Easy to use - This gardening tool can be used in a variety of soil conditions, from dense clay to lighter soils, allowing you to weed not only large surface areas, but also narrow areas without damaging plant roots.

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Durable steel blade, black finish, rust-resistance.

Long wooden handle.

The product size is 125x175x1470mm.

This hoe features a flat triangle or spade blade attached at a 90-degree angle. The pointy end of the blade faces out and is used to get into tight spaces or to dig out difficult weeds.