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Wholesale Garden Hoses

At GarDepot, we carry a wide variety of wholesale garden hoses and watering accessories, and all at the best prices. Any gardening tool retailer needs to have garden hoses on their shelves, they are one of the most important and hot selling pieces of gardening equipment.

Our wholesale garden hoses are the best choice for garden supply store owners, whether they are replenishing their stock or expanding into a new product line. What's more, all products are available with OEM&ODM service, supporting customers to customize their own brand logos and packaging.

Check out the products below for more details. Send us an inquiry to get the latest catalog and free quotation.

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Choosing the Right Wholesale Garden Hoses

-Use and durability. For small gardens or occasional watering jobs, choose an inexpensive, lightweight hose. For regular watering or watering large lawns, you should choose a more rugged, heavy-duty garden hose.

-Type. Our wholesale garden hoses are available in different types: reelable, retractable and normal standard types. Usually customers should judge the right type based on the amount of space they have to use and store the hose.

-Length. Depending on the size of the area to be watered, hoses should be slightly longer than the furthest point they need to reach.

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