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Ratchet Loppers with Extending Handles

Ratchet Loppers with Extending Handles

Item No.: G02515

Model Number:G02515

Material: S50C upper blade&S45C bottom blade



OEM/ODM: Acceptable


Ratchet Loppers with Extending Handles

Ratchet loppers with extending handles are used for pruning hardwoods, mature wood and dead wood. These loppers are ideal for pruning larger stems or branches, and the ratchet shears allow the gardener to cut branches with minimal effort.

Our telescopic ratchet loppers benefit from high quality carbon steel blades and have a Teflon coated option for rust resistance and smooth cutting. The extended handle allows the gardener to prune branches high up.

All in all, ratchet loppers with extending handles are very useful tools. Discover a wide range of wholesale garden tools on our website. Bulk orders are welcome. Inquire now to get a free quote.


Choosing Ratchet Loppers

Ratchet loppers are designed to make pruning easier, especially on thicker branches. When in use, the ratchet shear's blade locks partially during the cutting process. The gardener can then reopen the handle for a wider and stronger grip without releasing pressure on the branch.

Although the loppers and other pruning shears work on much the same principle, there are significant differences between the different designs. Ratchet loppers with extending handles, in particular, have many points to keep in mind when choosing one.

1.Blade Material

The toughest lopper blades are made of carbon steel and they do the best job of cutting thick branches. The strength and durability of carbon steel is unparalleled. At Gardepot, we have Teflon coating technology that provides rust protection for carbon steel blades. A coated blade stays sharper for longer, giving ratchet loppers with extending handles a longer life.

2.Length and Weight

The length and weight of the loppers affect their usefulness. Loppers with telescoping handles are better because gardeners can adjust the length as needed. But longer handles can have more weight, so consider lightweight materials when choosing.


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