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Garden Tools Industry Development Trend

 Garden Tools refer to the machinery and equipment involved in gardening, greening and subsequent maintenance. Including lawn planting and maintenance machinery, green land planting and maintenance machinery, urban shrub planting and maintenance machinery, flower cultivation facilities and equipment, garden engineering and professional sports venues and other equipment.

The Asia Pacific region will be the fastest growing region in the world. With the increase in disposable income of Chinese households, the increase in the number of housing and the increase in demand for improved living conditions, Agriculture Tools still maintain the largest market share in the region in the Chinese market. Between 2014 and 2019, China, India and Hong Kong are expected to have higher compound growth rates. Among them, the annual growth rate of China's home and garden market is expected to reach 13%. Japan will continue to maintain its position as the second largest market in the region, but expects its compound annual growth rate to remain at a low level of 1.6%.

China is the main production base of global Garden Hand Tools. As the garden tools are mainly exported to foreign countries, and the export methods are mainly shipping, the production areas are mainly concentrated in the coastal areas. Mainly distributed in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong and other provinces in East China. Gardepot is the leader of the garden tools in the north. If you are interested in our Garden Tool Sets, call us at any time.

Garden Tools

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