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How To Use A Pruning Saw?

 Once you’ve decided you need to make a pruning cut and know that the wood is too thick for the otherwise-preferable use of Hand Saws or loppers, it’s time to get out your pruning saw. Pruning saws are your choice for wood about 1.5 inches thick or more and your last resort before the very large stuff that you might only be able to do with a chainsaw. As such, they are used to cut a wide range on the large end of wood thicknesses.

Since generators are used on thick, frequently long timber, their use frequently includes more warnings and concerns compared to Pruning Saws and loppers, which can be essentially robust and technical scissors. Saws can require more control and strength.

Wear sturdy Work Gloves and possibly safety goggles if you’re in a dense shrub. Choose the exact spot to cut and a healthy cutting angle.

Pruning saws

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