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The Difference Between Pruning Shears And Ordinary Scissors

The pruning shears in garden tools are suitable for the pruning of branches in each season, regardless of seasonality and regional restrictions. The main purpose of pruning shears is to cut branches, so the key component is scissors. Here the Pruners Factory will introduce you the differences between pruning shears and ordinary scissors. The main difference lies in the following three points:

1. The shape of the blade of the pruning shear is not a straight line, but a smooth arc, and the blade has a wedge shape on one side, which can realize sliding cutting. Because the cutting is more labor-saving than cutting, the blade can be more convenient to operate.
2. The blade of the pruning shear is divided into one moving and one static. The gripping handle is to open and close the moving blade, and the fixed knife and the telescopic rod remain in a straight line.
3. There is a jagged grip on the two blades of the pruning shear, which can clip the cut branches while cutting the branches. In this way, the discarded branches do not overlap between the branches, thereby hindering the progress of effective photosynthesis and facilitating the recycling of the discarded paper strips.
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