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Pruning Techniques For Garden Tools

Garden tools can be seen in parks and greenery. As a Pruning Saws Manufacturer, let's talk about the pruning techniques of garden tools.Garden tools For long-fiber cork, the cut sapwood cut prevents it from breaking when it falls. Cut the sides of the trunk at the same height as the bottom of the groove, about 1/10 the diameter of the trunk. If the trunk is thick, the sawing depth must not be wider than the guide. If the wood is spoiled, do not cut the sapwood cut. The sawing kerf is sawed slightly above the bottom of the inverted tree groove and is horizontally sawed. A non-sawing area of ​​approximately 1/10 the diameter of the trunk is left between the felling cut and the inverted tree groove to act as a ridge. In time, wedge the wedge into the felling cut. Use only wooden, aluminum or plastic wedges. Never use steel wedges as this may damage the chain saw chain and cause a rebound. Broken ridges help to control the tree's backwards. Never cut through the ridges, otherwise you will not be able to control the backwards, which may lead to accidents.
Pruning Saws
If the diameter of the trunk is greater than twice the length of the guide, or the diameter of the trunk is particularly large, most of the tree core is not sawn. In order to prevent the tree from breaking and want to accurately control the backward direction of the tree, it is necessary to saw the tree heart. Use a chain saw to puncture the center of the inverted tree groove, and then swing the guide from top to bottom.
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