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Preparation Of Garden Tools Before Use

Garden tools are widely used in agriculture, greening and other industries. In order to ensure the normal use of garden tools, we must prepare before using garden tools. As a Pruning Saws Manufacturer, we are going to prepare for the use of garden tools.
Garden tools are widely used in homes, greening, etc. In order to ensure the normal use of garden tools, we should check them before using garden tools, and pay attention to the use of garden tools. In fact, we must pay attention to safety first before operating the product. It is best to use a tarpaulin to wipe all the metal parts, and then spray a little anti-rust lubricant. Or use a small bucket with sand to the oil. After each use, insert a few times in the sand. First, we can carefully check the parts to ensure the smooth progress of weeding. Look at the fuel tank in the tank, check the air filter, can not make the air filter dirt; the most important thing is to check whether the blade mounting nut is loose, see if the blade has cracks, gaps, bending and wear, once If you find a problem, you need to replace it immediately.
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