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Cutting Skills For Garden Tools 1

In garden maintenance, it is important to choose a quality garden tool, but if the user can't master the correct method and skill, it is difficult to complete the maintenance task with quality and quantity. Everyone knows that the operation of pruning and cutting trees requires the use of chainsaws and different branches. How to cut them accurately, quickly and safely. As an Impulse Sprinkler Manufacturer, we have summarized the cutting machines of some garden tools.
Garden tools are more complicated in cutting operations, such as cutting trees or cutting trunks with larger diameters. When cutting trees, first remove the branches and leaves in the root working area of the tree, and clear out the root working area of the tree to find a safe foothold. Then saw the inverted tree groove, at the selected root, first slitting, then cross-cutting, and the backward direction of the tree can be determined by sawing the inverted tree groove by means of the reverse measuring instrument on the chain saw cover. Note that the inverted tree groove should be perpendicular to the tree's backward direction. The groove should be as close as possible to the ground. The sawing depth is about 1/5 to 1/3 of the trunk diameter.
Bow Saws
Garden tools For long-fiber cork, the cut sapwood cut prevents it from breaking when it falls. Cut the sides of the trunk at the same height as the bottom of the groove, about 1/10 the diameter of the trunk. If the trunk is thick, the sawing depth must not be wider than the guide. If the wood is spoiled, do not cut the sapwood cut.
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