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Summer Landscaping Conservation Knowledge

It is summer, and this season is the season with the strongest growth of seedlings. In the environment of high temperature and drought, rainy and humid summer, the growth of seedlings is poor, pests and diseases occur, and the quality and yield of seedlings are reduced. What should pay attention to in the maintenance of summer seedlings? As a Watering Accessories Manufacturer, let's talk to you.

1. The method of fertilization should be appropriate
The growth of seedlings needs to provide sufficient nutrients. In order to meet the strong growth demand of seedlings, the seedlings should be topdressed in time, and the topdressing fertilizers should be based on quick-acting fertilizers. Try to adopt the method of ditch application and hole application to improve the utilization rate of fertilizer.
2. Irrigation
In summer, the temperature is high, the water evaporates quickly, the soil is prone to water shortage, and the seedlings are most susceptible to drought at this time. Most of the seedlings are best watered for ten days during the summer rain and drought. The best time is in the morning and evening. When watering with Watering Cans China, not only the soil but also the trees and their wraps (such as the trunk of the tree) Grass ropes, etc.) should be wet.
Watering Cans China
3. Shade and sunburn
In summer, the temperature is high, the sunlight intensity is high, and the water evaporation of the tree body is relatively large. For the shade-tolerant tree species and flowers and the seedlings that are too late in planting period, it is necessary to properly cover the shade. In the early stage of growth, cooling measures should be adopted to mitigate the adverse effects of high temperature and heat damage. Such as shade sheds, etc., shaded nets can be used to protect seedlings from safe summer, avoid sunburn hazards, and to promote seedling growth and survival rate.
4. Temporarily loosen and weed
The summer sun is good and the rain is abundant, which is also the strong period of weed growth in the field. Weeds easily absorb nutrients between soils and affect seedling growth. After each rain or irrigation, it is necessary to cultivate the loose soil and weeding in time, so that the seedlings are inconvenient to loosen the soil, the weeds in the seedlings can be removed, and a layer of fine soil is placed on the bed to prevent the roots from seeping through the wind.
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