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How to Protect The Lawn?

You can see the green lawn in the city square, streets, courtyards, garden attractions, sports venues and other venues. The lawn is not only beautiful, but also plays a role in regulating the climate, purifying the air, reducing noise, absorbing dust, and preventing wind and sand. But how is the lawn cured? Below, Folding Saws Manufacturer gives you a detailed introduction to lawn care tips.
First of all, deal with the time gardening fence and order relationship of watering, grass cutting and spraying to avoid breeding of pests and diseases. The gardening clothes hangers are usually carried out once a week. After cutting grass, they are susceptible to infection by germs. If watering is done immediately, it is tantamount to creating a better breeding environment for the bacteria. Therefore, before cutting the grass, pour enough water, cut the grass and spray immediately, then stop the water for 1 to 2 days before watering.
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Secondly, when cutting grass, it should be flush, flat, straight and clean, that is, the cuts should be uniform, the height should be consistent, the lines should be straight, and the grass should be left untouched. It is also necessary to closely monitor the occurrence of pests and diseases, and a variety of fungicides can be used in combination to improve the efficacy. Whether it is the bluegrass lawn or the simulated lawn, their conservation is very important.
Finally, we remind everyone that in order to extend the green period of the lawn and return to the green in advance in the coming year, it is possible to increase the intensity of the application of the autumn fertilizer. Minimize the application of pure nitrogen fertilizer and unfertilized organic fertilizer.
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