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What Kind of Pruning Shears Do You Choose?

Garden tools are an indispensable tool for every gardener. As a personal gardening enthusiast, in the courtyard, there is a set of garden tools that are dedicated, well-prepared and fully functional. It is also very necessary to choose a garden tool. Pruning Saws Manufacturer believes that the following points need to be noted:
Types of garden tools: First of all, according to their actual situation, what tools are needed, which ones can be DIY, and which ones need to be purchased, and can be purchased at one time.
Pruners China
Pruning shears: the most basic garden tools, it is not recommended to replace them with ordinary household scissors, otherwise it is easy to cause permanent damage to the scissors. Pruners China is specially designed for trimming flower branches and branches, and the low fruit trees are also picking fruit. Be applicable.
Thick branch shears: also called vigorous shearing, Hercules shearing, etc., ordinary pruning shears can be cut off for branches below 2cm. If you plant a flower with more than 2 cm of large branches, you need to use a special thick cut. Different from ordinary pruning shears, the thick-branched scissor head is thicker in design, and the handle part is obviously thicker and longer, and generally requires two-hand operation.

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