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Correct Manipulation of Pruning Shears

Fruit tree pruning is one of the most important tasks in orchard management. A good tool, proper use, can save time and effort for the entire pruning process. As a Shears Exporter, let's explain it to everyone.
But in the actual pruning, many farmers are using the wrong. There are often fruit farmers who will complain: I have just bought the scissors, how to use it for a long time will not work, pruning old and laborious! Or the trimmed cut is not smooth, which is not conducive to wound healing.
Some of the inferior Shears China does have this problem. If you exclude material problems, it is the relationship between the techniques.
Pruners China
Pruners China
The same is true for using Pruners China. The fruit farmers have not observed it: Why does the pruning shear have a curved arc? One side is a wide blade and one side is a narrow blade.
When trimming, the wide blade should be close to the body of the plant, and the narrow blade should be close to the removed branches! (More simply: the wide blade is on the inside and the narrow blade is on the outside)
Many fruit farmers have used the wrong ones, putting the thin blade on the outside of the branches.
When cutting a relatively thick branch, you only need to hold the branch with one hand, and the other hand holds the scissors. The side of the wide blade is close to the tree body, and then the scissors are pressed while gently pushing outward. With both hands, the branches can be cut off.

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