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How to Install and Use Shears China?

As a Pruners Manufacturer, let's talk about how Shears China is installed and used.

1. Check if the complete set of equipment is complete and whether the accessories are complete. Fasten the device such as the working end nut.
2. The insulating rods installed in order are assembled vertically from top to bottom to complete the complete set of devices. The multi-section combination must be assembled in order to prevent loose joints.
3. The user must wear safety gloves such as insulating gloves, insulated boots and helmets in a place with electricity and carry out work while others are supervised. The use of the environment without any protective measures or supervision by others is prohibited.
Shears China
Shears China
The role of Shears China: The high-cut shears of the current application are actually an indispensable construction tool in gardening and gardening, mainly for the cutting work of small trees and high-altitude branches. Because the new fruit trees are now generally dwarfed and densely planted.
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