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You need to know about Pole pruner

    As an Agriculture Tools Exporter, there is some information to share with everyone. Our company's recent new product is Pole pruner, which refers to the high-level branch pruning saw, also known as mower and mobile hoe. It is one of the commonly used gardening machines for ploughing trees in landscaping. It is a kind of garden machinery that is difficult and dangerous to operate by single person. The main application areas are landscaping, courtyard maintenance, road cleaning, forest fire prevention, and crop harvesting. At the same time, it is also an orchard pruning expert - orchard pruning machine, the scope of use: for apples, citrus, chestnuts, peaches, pears and other orchards and urban greening foliage pruning and cutting, simple operation and high work efficiency. Fuel consumption: 0.6L/H

Pole pruner

Pole pruner


  1. Powerful engine with strong and stable power. The cylinder wall is chrome-plated and equipped with a reinforced crankshaft to greatly extend the service life of the engine.

  2. The precision transmission part of the component adopts advanced high-frequency quenching technology, which has strong wear resistance, accurate gear connection and smooth operation, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the user.

  3. One machine can be used to trim branches and leaves on fruit trees up to 4.5 meters, without climbing fruit trees, effectively protecting fruit trees and ensuring the safety of users.

  4. The work efficiency is high. The workload of one day is equivalent to the labor of 15-20 workers, and the user's use cost is greatly reduced.

  5. Easy to operate shoulder-mounted, equipped with a strap, greatly reducing the user's fatigue.

  Use genuine 2T engine oil, it is strictly prohibited to use 4T engine oil.

  2. It is strictly forbidden to use pure gasoline.

  3. Strictly press 25-30:1 ratio (1 liter of gasoline to 40 ml of engine oil). When the oil is used up on the same day, the mixed oil that has deteriorated redness cannot be used.

  4. The new machine can't be used at high speed. Please run at low speed for 3 hours (equivalent to 5 pots of oil).

  5. I want to make the machine last longer, and rest for 10 minutes every 4 hours.

  6. It is strictly forbidden to shut down the engine suddenly at high speed, otherwise it will make it difficult to start up next time.

  7. I feel that the machine vibration is abnormal. Please stop the machine immediately to check whether the blade is damaged, loose, or eccentric.

  8. It is strictly forbidden to cut perennial hard shrubs with a blade.

  9. It is strictly forbidden to cut grass with a blade on a grass with gravel. It is recommended to use grass to cut grass. Lawn or non-wood weeds are safe and efficient to cut grass with grass.

  10. Blades, grass heads have strict size restrictions, it is strictly forbidden to modify or use the enlarged blade or grass head.

  11. Remove the spark plug every 50 hours of operation, carbon deposit in the silencer, replace the oil filter, and add butter to the gearbox.

  12. If you are unable to solve the problem yourself, please contact the contracted repair station and do not disassemble it.

  13. Security matters:

  A. Personal safety: It is strictly forbidden to add gasoline indoors to prevent fires; when the machine is running, it is strictly prohibited to put the hands and feet close to the blade; it must be stopped when cleaning or checking the machine.

  B. Machine safety: Before the grass is cut, the debris on the lawn must be cleaned to ensure the safe operation of the machine.

  14. When the machine is not used for a long time, the remaining fuel should be poured out, and then the machine is started to burn all the fuel.

  15. I want to make the machine run more stable, and the life is longer. Please maintain it frequently.

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