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Upkeep of Common Garden Tools

The upkeep of garden tools has a great influence on extending the service life of the tool and maintaining its good performance. Generally note the following:
1. It should be noted that the working parts of anti-rust garden tools are mostly made of metal materials, and the metal materials are easy to rust. Once rusted, light will affect the use, and heavy may lose the use value, and it is not easy to remove the rusted parts, so special attention should be paid to anti-rust treatment in use.
2. Keep clean after daily work, clean up the used tools one by one, remove dirt and sundries, wipe them dry, put them in a ventilated place, keep them dry and avoid rusting.
3. At the end of the operation, when it is idle for a long time, it should be taken care of, cleaned and dried, coated with anti-rust oil on the metal surface and put in an appropriate place. It is better to store it on the storage rack designed for different tools to avoid multi-layer extrusion and pay attention to the ventilation and drying of the environment.
4. For the protection, for example, the blade edge of the lawn mower should be specially protected for the part with the blade edge in the tool. When it is stored, it should be completely immersed in oil. It is better to wrap it with wax paper to avoid inclination and overlap, and prevent bending and deformation under pressure. For the blade grinding of the blade part, there should be a special tool to ensure the blade grinding angle and extend the service life.
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