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Basic Maintenance for Your Trolley

Sep. 03, 2021

Trolley is a very important gardening tool that can help you solve various transport problems. It is so important that good maintenance is essential. So how to properly maintain trolley to extend its service life? As a trolley manufacturer, I will share with you.

Two Wheel Hand Trolley


Two Wheel Hand Trolley

Cleaning of the Trolley

The trolley should be cleaned after each use. The longer the cleaning interval, the more time-consuming and laborious the process. Use a hard brush to remove the dirt, or use a water jet to clean it. But remember to make sure it is dry before you put it away so that it won't get moldy.


Maintain The Handle of Trolley

The handle of the trolley is often overlooked. Many trolleys have wooden handles. To maintain them, you must first keep them clean. Wipe with a cloth after each use. If the edges of your handles are rough, please clean them with sandpaper every once in a while. Occasionally wiping with linseed oil or other types of oils is also a good way to maintain good condition. 


Maintain the Wheel and Axle

Trolley care must include maintenance for the wheels and axle or your tool may stop rolling. The axle needs oil to ensure smooth movement when the wheels are rotating. Regularly check whether there is enough oil or grease and it is working well. Keeping the axle going is as simple as giving it a good squirt with a grease gun every couple of months.


Regular Inspection of Parts

Remember to oil all moving parts from time to time. Also check the nuts regularly, because they are really easy to fall off. You should be aware that if the nut falls off, it will not only damage your Trolley, but also pose a safety hazard to you during operation.


Avoid the Holes

Always try to avoid any holes forming in the bucket, as this can, in many cases, render the barrow useless. Remember that using barrows to move water or cement can not be done if there is a hole in the barrow.



For the tire, use a bicycle pump to keep it well inflated as needed.


Storage of Trolley

Finally, it is important to pay attention to the storage location of the Trolley. After you have maintained the Trolley for cleaning, the gardener should ensure that the equipment is stored in a dry place.

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