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What are the Cleaning And Maintenance Methods for Rain Boots?

Jun. 25, 2021

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Daily care

1. Dry in the natural shade (be careful not to expose to the sun). Exposure to the sun is not conducive to the long-term wear of the shoes.

2. After passing through, wash the outer skin with clean water (be careful not to clean the inside with water), and then dry it with a soft cloth (be careful not to use a very hard or very rough cloth to avoid scratching the surface of the rain boots).

Rain Boots

Rain Boots

Professional nursing

1. If you find that a certain part is slightly dirty after passing through, please use the daily mosquito-killing Fengyoujing to clean it up. The method is: apply a large amount of Fengyoujing to the dirty part, rotate it with your index finger, and then use it. Wipe the dirty parts with a soft cloth (be careful not to use a very hard or very coarse cloth, so as not to scratch the pattern on the skin of the rain boots). Please use your gestures as light as you can to wipe off the dirt. Slowly observe the wiping off the dirty parts. If you feel that you can't wipe clean with the wind oil essence, please stop immediately to avoid strong wiping and wiping out the pattern of the rain boots.

2. In the case where the effect of cleaning up the dirt cannot be achieved by trying wind oil essence, friends with the conditions can go to hardware tools or chemical supplies stores in various cities to buy (banana water). This chemical product is cheap and generally available within 5 yuan. 500ml, but it is more corrosive to the skin, but it has a very good effect on cleaning up all kinds of dirt. Friends who are interested can try it.

How to use it: Use a napkin or a discarded rag, and pour an appropriate amount of banana water on the napkin or rag (don’t pour too little banana water, too small amount is in the process of wiping, because the banana water evaporates faster for chemicals. Banana water napkins or rags are not wet to wipe the skin of the rain boots, it is easy to scratch the skin of the rain boots), while keeping the wipes relatively moist, quickly wipe the dirty parts of the rain boots (be careful not to use a very coarse cloth to avoid scratching Rain boots skin pattern). Please observe the wiping situation. If you can wipe it off immediately, the cleaning is successful. If you wipe the rain boots skin back and forth for a long time, please pay attention when cleaning the dirt. If it is the dirt that banana water can't handle, please give up as soon as possible. Generally speaking, banana water can meet the common and difficult dirt. It is not ruled out that banana water cannot clean up the dirt you are on.

Note: Please do not touch hard objects such as glass shards or copper or iron to avoid scratching or puncturing the rain boots. Generally worn normally, rain boots are worn for several years.

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