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How to Clean the Leaves on the Grass?

Feb. 02, 2021

Autumn is here, the leaves are yellow and easy to fall. Everyone should be busy again. So, how to clean the leaves on the grass? Garden Tools Manufacturer tells everyone.

Tools you can use:

Vacuum cleaner, rake, broom, net, trash can, leaf extractor


vacuum cleaner

Vacuuming the fallen leaves on the grass should be the fastest, and it is very clean.


Use a net to cover the top to prevent the leaves from falling further. Then swipe vigorously with a broom


Grab with a rake and grab it in the trash can.

Leaf suction machine

Or use a leaf suction machine, which saves effort and time.

Long Handle Leaf Grabber

Long Handle Leaf Grabber

Long Handle Leaf Grabber

Material: Poly head, durable steel tube, soft vinyl grip

Function: Gathering up leaves, hedge trimmings of garden waste

Humanized design, convenient and easy to use

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