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How to Know If the Garden Soil is Good?

Apr. 07, 2021

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The soil has a strong "tolerant" ability. Under normal fertilization conditions, soil deterioration is slower, unless extremely unreasonable fertilization is applied. But once the soil deteriorates, the consequences will be extremely serious and continuous. It is very difficult to correct. If you want to improve, the cost is huge. Proper fertilization and soil protection can ensure the normal progress of agricultural production. This is very important, and it is also the key to maintaining quality and increasing income!

New Style Digging Manure Fork Tools

New Style Digging Manure Fork Tools

Judge whether the soil is good or bad

1. Look at the color of the soil

Loam soil is darker in color, while lean soil is lighter in color.

The color of soil is closely related to the content of soil, moisture content, humus content, light-colored minerals (such as alumina, silicon dioxide, calcium carbonate, etc.), and dark minerals (such as iron oxide, biotite, manganese oxide, etc.) in the soil. Therefore, soil color is a reflection of soil material composition and its properties, and it is also an important basis for judging and studying soil forming environment, soil type and its fertility characteristics.

2. Look at soil cultivability

Loose soil layer is easy to cultivate; thin soil layer is sticky plow, and the cultivation is laborious.

The lower limit of plasticity of clay soil is less than 16%, the suitable range of water content is small, and the suitable period is short; the lower limit of plasticity of sandy soil is as high as about 23%, the range of suitable water content is large, and the suitable period is long; loam lies between the two.

3. Look at the depth of the soil

Loam soil is generally larger than 60 cm; while lean soil is relatively shallow.

The quality of the soil texture is related to the level of soil fertility and the amount of oxygen. Plants such as plum blossoms, phoenix trees, and nuclear plants like fertile and deep soil and should be planted on deep, fertile and loose soil. Such as Pinus tabulaeformis, Masson pine, etc., can be planted in locations with a slightly poorer soil quality. Of course, plants with weak tolerance will grow better on fertile soil.

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