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How Should Pruning Shears be Used?

Jan. 07, 2021

As a Garden Hose Manufacturers, share with you.

Fruit tree pruning is the most important task in orchard management. Pruning shears are the guys that our fruit farmers eat. A good tool, properly used, can save time and effort in the entire trimming process.

But in the actual pruning, many fruit growers use it wrong. Friends of fruit growers often complain: The scissors I just bought will not work after a long time. The pruning is always laborious! Otherwise, the cut is not smooth, which is not conducive to wound healing.

Hand Pruning Shears

Hand Pruning Shears

Some inferior pruning shears do have this problem. If the material problem is ruled out, it is the relationship between the technique used.

Friends who often cook should have a deep experience, cutting meat or cutting vegetables vertically, and soon the hands will be tired because of too much force, but it is not enough to cut. If we change the way, we tilt the knife at a slight angle, push it forward while cutting down, and cut it with a light push. Isn’t it easy?

The same is true when using pruning shears. Have you ever observed: Why does the pruning shear have a curved arc? One side is a wide blade and the other is a narrow blade.

When pruning, the wide blade should be close to the plant body and the narrow blade should be close to the removed branches! (To put it simply: the wide blade is on the inside, the narrow blade is on the outside)

Wrong usage

Many fruit growers have used the wrong one and put the thin blade on the outer side of the branch, as shown in the picture above.

Correct usage of pruning shears

When cutting thick branches, you only need to hold the branches in one hand and the shears in the other hand. The wide-blade side is close to the tree, and then press down the scissors while gently pushing outwards. Use your hands to match the branches. It breaks easily.

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