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How to Trim the Garden?

Apr. 20, 2021

As a Grass Shears Wholesale, I would like to share with you.

It is always lovely to see flowers blooming in the garden, but it is often difficult to trim them to bring them indoors. This is a good reason to create a topiary garden. For plants to grow, look for a sunny spot in your yard.

Grass Shears

Grass Shears

This will be your own private bouquet to brighten up your indoor space. Even if you don’t think you have space for a new garden, how about a few rows of flowers in the vegetable garden. It's like a double blessing. You can cut flowers, and the flowers will attract more pollinators and pest control.

Just because you often prune these flowers does not mean you can be stingy on the soil. These flowers need every advantage they can get to recover from constant pruning.

Make sure there are no weeds in the area. You don't want your plants to compete with weeds for nutrients and water. Your flower arrangement needs soil rich in organic matter to improve water retention and drainage. Before planting, work in a 1.5 cm compost or leaf mold.

You can also add a balanced, slow-acting granular organic fertilizer at the beginning of planting. A fresh dose of fresh compost is usually enough to keep plants growing healthy throughout the year. If you notice that there are fewer flowers, you can give them some liquid fertilizer.

Plan your topiary garden layout design: In a topiary garden, easy access is very important. Wide rows are the traditional method, you can't trim the stems long distances, create a path wide enough to move in and work between them. You will carry a bucket of water to hold your flowers, so you need to do enough activities to move.

Plant needs: Understand the growth conditions of each plant you choose, and then group plants with similar needs. So you can give them everything they need with minimal effort. It also prevents you from growing plants near different plants that you like and dislike.

Height: After the plants are grouped according to cultural needs, they are classified according to their mature height. You don't want shorter plants to be swallowed by taller plants. They will not get enough sunlight and it is difficult to reach them for pruning.

Sequence of blooming: Plants will not bloom at the same time. Consider arranging the plants in the order in which they are expected to bloom. Don't last the entire season. Make sure you have extra seeds, so you can replant when the batch starts to fade. If a group of plants is dying, pull them out, freshen the soil with compost.

Even in pruning the garden, mulch is necessary. It does not have to be very expensive. You can cover it with crushed leaves or even wet newspaper. No one will see it. The mulch is to prevent weeds from entering. The last thing you want is for another garden to remove weeds.

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