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Do you Know Wooden Handle Farm Tools?

Feb. 22, 2021

A shovel is an agricultural tool that can be used for plowing and shoveling soil; its long handle is mostly wooden and its head is iron, and it can also be used for military purposes. Commonly used shovels are classified into pointed shovels and square shovels. Farm tools refer to tools used in agricultural production, mostly non-mechanized, also called agricultural tools and agricultural production tools. Farm tools are tools used by farmers to change the objects of labor in the process of agricultural production. In terms of each region, different environment, and correspondingly different agricultural production, the agricultural tools used to have their own scope of application and limitations.

Stainless Steel Blade and Fork

Stainless Steel Blade and Fork

Agriculture is the production sector where people use the living functions of animals and plants to transform natural materials and energy into products that humans need. Agriculture at this stage is divided into two categories: plant cultivation (cultivation, planting) and animal breeding (breeding).

Traditional farm tools are a general term for agricultural production tools that have been invented and created in history and inherited. Traditional farm tools have the characteristics of taking local materials, light and handy, one with multiple functions, and wide applicability. The first farm tool that appeared in ancient legends was Lei Lei. The farm tool for planting that is clearly documented is the columbine plough of the Western Han Dynasty. The columbine plough is pulled by livestock and supported by someone behind it, which can complete the two tasks of trenching and planting at the same time.

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