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  • Curved pruning saw

Curved pruning saw

Item No.: G01123

Model Number: G01123

Material: 65Mn/SK5

Size/Spec: 330MM

Packing: Customized

OEM/ODM: Acceptable


 A well balanced, pruning, hand saw for the gardener and the professional alike. 

The Samurai taper ground blades and the ergonomically designed handles offer exceptional comfort and superb cutting performance. 

The computer-designed, folding handle is based on human engineering principals. 

The hand grip is covered with rubber cushion to prevent slipping. 

The special curve of the handle reduces effort required for cutting, - making it possible to cut harder material with ease. 

The notched end of the handle prevents accidental dropping of the saw - when loosely held and the blade can be folded up - and housed inside the handle for safety and blade protection. 

The curved blade offers best results when cutting above shoulder height.