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Good Selling Long Wooden Handle Shovel

Good Selling Long Wooden Handle Shovel

Item No.: G04104

Material: carbon steel                    


Color: Customizable 

Packing: Woven bag   

OEM/ODM: Acceptable


Wood Handle Shovel

Roundhead blade: suitable for digging various holes to meet your garden needs;

Safety steps: allow firm foot placement for increased digging force;

Durable: Hardwood handle

Wood Handle Shovel Uses

Wood handle shovels can dig dirt and carry dirt or other materials. Rounded shovels are different from large square shovels, which are used to scrape or lift lighter materials such as snow or manure. Wood handle shovels can be used to dig large holes or to shovel heavier materials such as rocks wet soil makes these shovels useful for cutting sod or root material, and their bowl-like shape allows them to lift and move plants out of the soil.

A durable wood handle shovel can even be used as a hammer or to break up compacted soil. Small round-headed shovels or shovels can be used for weeding, digging small holes and transplanting small plants.

When buying a new shovel, it is important to consider the quality, as poor quality shovels may bend, break, or cause more stress on the user's back, not stamped steel, but bendable, the top of the blade should be flat so that it is more comfortable to step on, and the part of the blade attached to the handle called the handle should be long and securely bolted to the handle to avoid separation of these parts.

The handle should be made of ash, hickory, or fiberglass, and the length of the handle should be suitable for the height and strength of the user. A well-maintained shovel will last for years. Fiberglass handles are water and weatherproof, but wood handles require special care. Sand off any manufacturer-applied finishes and rub with linseed oil once or twice a year to protect the handle from chipping.

The blade of the shovel should be thoroughly cleaned after each use and completely dried before storage to prevent rust. Rinse off all dirt with water and scoop away any hardened dirt. A shovel is used to prevent rusting when stored in winter.

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