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Knapsack Manual Plant Sprayer

Knapsack Manual Plant Sprayer

Item No.: G05805


Working Pressure:0.2-0.35Mpa

Lance :Plastic lance

Spare parts :3 nozzles(1/2/4 holes)  

Air chamber color:Black


Product Name
Knapsack Manual Plant Sprayer
PP +PE + Plastic
Yellow + Blue 
Weight1.98 kg
Applicable Industries
Farming, Gardening, Disinfection
Color Box
Knapsack Manual Plant Sprayer

1.The barrel body is made of premium quality Polypropylene. The base is firm and durable 2.Pressurization speed is fast and easy to use 3.16L large capacity, higher efficiency. 4.The backpack strap is designed to fit a variety of back lengths for easy carrying of heavy loads. 5.With the pressure relief valve, the pressure can be discharged automatically in the event of too much air, which can avoid the risk of the vessel bursting due to the over pressure. It can effectively extend the service life 6.Wide-Mouth Design with Filter.7.Lockable Shut-Off Handle