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Garden Sprinkler Manufacturer

Since 2007, we as a professional lawn and garden sprinkler manufacturer in China, the product range includes hose nozzles, fixed sprinklers, hose fittings, hoses, etc. This will give your garden some ease. Our products have been sold in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and other countries.

In most cases, you can take any sprinkler and connect it to a water source to irrigate your garden evenly and neatly. But how to choose the right product for you? Do you need to adjust the sprinkler angle and range? Should a more durable nozzle be used? How to install the right sprinkler? Which sprinkler is better for rough ground in the garden, tiles in the 90-360 degree range, fixed or two-way swing, watering at different points or small areas, watering in different patterns? Contact us now, the most professional garden sprinkler manufacturer, for the most satisfactory and complete solution for you.

Email: info@gardepot.com