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Garden Sprinkler Manufacturer

Since 2007, we as a professional lawn and garden sprinkler manufacturer in China. Our products have been sold in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and other countries. Other garden watering tools range includes hoses, nozzles, watering cans, etc. 

Contact us now, the most professional garden sprinkler manufacturer, for the most satisfactory and complete solution for you.

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Garden Sprinkler Types

Garden lawn sprinklers are divided into several main types, ranging from immobile to roaming. The following are some basic types of garden sprinklers.

-Stationary sprinklers vary in design and coverage, but they all work by being connected to a garden hose. Stationary garden sprinklers spray in the same pattern over the same area and can only be moved by people. This type of sprinkler is usually best suited for small yards and compact gardens.

-Oscillating sprinklers feature a row of multiple openings that spread water in a semi-circular spray pattern. The nozzles are rotatable, so the water flow can also be moved from one side of the sprinkler to the other, covering a larger watering area.

-Both rotary and impact sprinklers can sprinkle water 360 degrees. The former usually has two or more rotating arms, while the latter usually sprays water through a single rotatable nozzle. Impact sprinklers usually have the farthest water distribution range.

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