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Work Gloves

Wholesale Garden Gloves

Since 2007, GarDepot has always been committed to be the best wholesale garden gloves supplier in China. Our unparalleled hand protection products include leather garden gloves and cotton garden gloves. Each type of glove is available in different styles, constructions and coatings. 

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Types of Wholesale Gardening Gloves

-Cotton Garden Gloves: They offer limited hand protection, but are cooler and more breathable, and keep hands clean. Cotton wholesale gardening gloves can be worn all year round. They are mainly used for handling tools that require more flexibility in the hands, such as lawn mowers, pruning shears, etc.

-Leather Garden Gloves: These gloves are usually waterproof and provide better hand protection from thorns, cuts and scratches. Leather gloves are heavy-duty and are mostly used to handle tools with harsh or sharp blades.

-Rubber Coated Garden Gloves: These are the best gloves for protecting your hands when working with chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. Rubber coated gloves can also be worn for general garden work such as weeding, watering and planting.

-Nitrile Garden Gloves: These wholesale garden gloves are made of a synthetic rubber material that is waterproof and protects the hands from chemicals and cuts and scratches.

Uses of Wholesale Gardening Gloves

Light gardening tasks - For smaller tasks such as weeding, planting, mowing lawns and using lawn mowers, cotton gloves are best suited.

Heavy gardening tasks - Choose leather gloves for tasks such as moving rocks or handling tools, which can easily puncture other types of gloves.

Wet gardening tasks - If the soil is wet, you're moving a bunch of wet leaves, or mixing and applying pesticides or fungicides, the gloves that offer the best protection are rubber gloves.

You can choose the best gloves for your work purpose from our catalog. It fits comfortably, reduces sweat and irritation, comes in a variety of sizes, improves performance, provides dexterity and grip, and is machine washable for extended wear life. Proper hand protection is critical to keeping landscapers' hands comfortable and safe, while improving work processes and production.

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What is the best fit for garden gloves?

Proper hand protection is critical to getting the job at hand done and keeping your hands and fingers comfortable and safe. The best garden gloves will meet your expectations for longevity and comfort, but most importantly, hand protection. As a professional supplier of garden tools and equipment, we offer the best wholesale garden gloves.


1. Q: What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

    A: It varies depending on the product, normally ranging from 500-2000 pcs.

2. Q: What is the unit price?

    A: The price depends on the order quantity and product quality. You can send us an inquiry to get a quote.

3. Q: Can I customize my logo/label/package?

    A: Yes, we offer all kinds of custom services.

4. Q: What is the lead time?

    A: Normally 45-90 days.

5. Q: Do you offer samples?

    A: Yes, we do.

6. Q: Do you have more clear pictures of the products?

    A: Yes, we do, please send email to us to get more information. Or you can send us your pictures for our reference, we will send you the quotes accordingly. Our email is

7. Q: Can I get your latest catalogue?

    A: Catalogue is available, please contact us to get it, our email is

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