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Wholesale Garden Forks

Forks are one of the most commonly used long-handled garden tools. At GarDepot, we carry a wide variety of styles and sizes of wholesale garden forks for our retailer customers around the world to choose from. We offer OEM&ODM service, customers can customize their own brand logo and packaging.

If you have a need to purchase wholesale garden forks, feel free to send us an inquiry to get a catalog and free quote.

Email: info@gardepot.com

What Are Wholesale Garden Forks Used for?

Our wholesale garden forks are multi-purpose tools. They can be used to turn soil, aerate, remove weeds and dig trenches, or they can be used in combination with other digging equipment to get the job done efficiently.

Garden forks are ideal for use in areas with loose, sandy or loamy soils to quickly complete large areas of tilled soil. This includes breaking up soil and turning over new beds, as well as moving plants with large root structures.

The garden fork's teeth penetrate the soil more easily than a shovel and cause less damage to the plant's roots. So whether you are preparing the ground or harvesting and transplanting plants, forks are a better choice. They are able to break up hard clods and stones. Undamaged roots also allow the plant to re-establish itself in its new location more quickly. Especially for gardens planted with root vegetables, we recommend using a garden fork for harvesting. 

Other tools that can be used to turn the soil and remove weeds are gardening shovels, hoes, rakes, etc. You can find all these long-handled tools on our website.

Types of Our Wholesale Gardening Forks

-Garden Forks. The garden fork is the largest of our wholesale forks and is useful for larger spaces. These hard tools are great for heavier jobs such as breaking up hard soil, digging and aerating the soil. Garden forks are good for heavy clay or compacted soil.

-Digging Forks. Digging forks (also known as shovel forks) are similar to garden forks and usually have four tines. They are commonly used for digging or turning lighter soil types and harvesting root vegetables.

-Pitchforks. These are sharp-tined forks used to move or turn materials such as hay, straw, compost or manure. Unlike garden forks used for digging, pitchforks often have tines that curve upward to provide more scooping ability.

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