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Long Handle Tools

Long Handle Garden Tools

As a leading garden tools supplier in China, GarDepot has been committed to providing high quality gardening products. Long-handled garden tools our main products, receiving high ratings from our retailer customers all over the world.

Here you can find a wide range of long-handled garden tools including rakes, shovels, forks and hoes. Sturdy and durable quality at affordable prices are our biggest strengths. logo and packaging customization services are available for retailer customers who wish to run their own brand.

No matter what kind of long-handled garden tools you need, we have them all. Inquire now to get a free quote!

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The Advantages of Long-Handled Garden Tools

-Force transfer. Longer handles better transfer the user's power to the head of the tool, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the work done.

-Balance. A longer handle balances the weight of the tool head, making it less fatiguing to use, especially during extended periods of use.

-Extendibility. Longer-handled tools bring a greater working range, making it easier for gardeners to perform gardening tasks.

Types of Long Handle Garden Tools

Long handle garden tools are designed to provide gardeners with greater reach and leverage when working in the garden. They are especially useful for gardeners who have difficulty bending or kneeling, or for those who want to avoid back strain and fatigue.

Some of the most common types of long handle garden tools include:

· Long handled spades and shovels - These tools are used for digging and moving soil, mulch, and other garden materials. The longer handle provides greater leverage, making it easier to lift and move heavy loads.

· Long handled rakes - These tools are used for leveling soil, removing debris, and spreading mulch. The longer handle allows gardeners to work more efficiently and with less strain on their backs.

· Long handled hoes - These tools are used for cultivating and weeding in the garden. The longer handle provides greater reach, making it easier to access hard-to-reach areas.

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